Thursday, October 15, 2009

My First hand made card

This is my first hand made card which I have made last week, overall I quite like the style of the card. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve Him by using the talents that He has given to me. One thing encourage me was one of my sister in Chirst got a permanant job last Friday after waited for nearly 2 years. The Lord has answer our prayers and has been gracious for those who patiently waited upon Him. Even exciteted when I passed my ever 1st handmade card to her. Hope the card will encourage her :)


Marlene Lo said...

WOW! Your 1st handmade card - already so Good leh! wow! Wow ! Wow! NICE NICE NICE! I love it!

me said...

Hi Marlene, just saw your messege. Thanks for your encouragement and drop by here ^^