Friday, October 15, 2010

Thanksgiving {1st giveaway}

Yes, its been one year since 2009, what an amazing year! Thank God for His blessings throughout this year as currently I am undertaking my final year of study :) I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of you who supported me throughout the year, truely appreciate each of everyone comments here and will continue to make cards {smile}. SO... this is my first time of having give away thing which I specially handmade, I suppose it is a limited edition cards, tag, bookmarks... In order to have this, simply share about "Thanksgiving" items. Then, I will randomly pick one of you and post this stuff to you :) This giveaway will ends at the 22nd of Oct which is next Friday :)

Have a Blessed day!


Anonymous said...

i love your cards.. they are just simply gorgeous.. Love the slipper prints, the bible sayings.. the button balloons and the trees.. and such nice colours chosen :D

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win...I would love to have some of your gorgeous creations! Happy one year blog anniversary!

Fondly, Lynn

Leanne said...

Beautiful cards. Love the verses. I'm now humming the Sunday school songs with these verses.

Anonymous said...

I love this with its 'craft paper' type of material and its 'brownish-ness'!! And the design gives feelings of happy, relax, and peace~ More importantly, the God words that not only can encourage brothers and sisters, but also can be a way to bring the unbelievers closer to the Lord! =)

Happy 1 year blog anniversary! =D


mypaperpleasure said...

Angeline, congratulations on your very first anniversary!
I love your elegant sytle of cards.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Marlene Lo said...

This is very lovely!

May said...

I love your cards and designs! May I please ask where you got your bible verse stamps from? I haven't been able to find any as nice!