Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Christmas Wreath


I just couldn't resist to share this card >< I LOVE IT! I love the colour, the shinning, the layout etc. It is from the Practical Solutions issue :) 
Think of the left over P.E.A.R.L.S that we had in our craft room and they're just good as to create a Christmas card for the love ones.

Thanks for stoping by!

Have a Blessed day!


Unknown said...

AMAZING pearl wreath, just awesome!

Annette Allen said...

so that pearl wreath...

Aimes said...

Loved this beauty! The different sized pearls add so much fun dimension!

Jay Gee said...

Wow, this is gorgeous - love the idea :)

Wida said...

This card is beautiful and fun too. I am such a Scrooge about putting lots of bling on cards, but you make me think it's totally with it because you end up with a wow kind of card!